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Functional Exercise Sensory Input Overload

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"Fe-SiO or Functional Exercise Sensory Input Overload is a unique therapeutic approach that will improve bodily functions by incorporating assisted stretching with sensory activation of your 5 senses."

-Dr. Jomel Bajar,PT,DPT,MS

             What Fe-SiO can offer


Do you experience stress that causes you pain and discomfort?

Do you have difficulty sleeping?


Do you feel tight or unbalanced?

Do you have issues with mental and physical relaxation?

Do you have difficulty with concentration and attention?

Do you have chronic nagging pains and inflamation?

           What Fe-SiO is NOT


It is not a cure 

It is not a massage treatment


It is not a spa treatment

It is not Reiki

It is not a diagnosis

It is not Yoga

"Fesiotherapy Wellness Living

is a space to come as you are

and celebrate who you are. 

Emerge with a feeling of peace, 

balance, and inspiration.

Moving your body and activating 

your senses changes

your perception and being."

-Dr. Luz Dayrit,PT,DPT

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