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Amanda Smith

Amanda Smith sets the standard for how to turn routine into ritual. This will enable you to manifest the life you want with an empowered sense of confidence and to understand your purpose in life. And to experience life and thoughts more clearly. Using ancient wisdom and new-age science, Amanda is changing how you handle the ups and downs in your life. As a
Reiki Master specializes in energy cleansing, crystal therapy, chakra and aura clearing, and mindful meditation. She holds an Associate Certified Empowerment Life Coaching certification, a Feng Shui CTAA qualification, and a Meditation practitioner certificate through Natural Healers. She is also a proud member of the Natural Healers Society, and the International Association of Therapists.

👋 Hi there! I’m Amanda – and I’m obsessed with all things "energy"!

I am a professional Reiki Master, certified crystal practitioner, and meditation mentor. In addition to your energy body, I also hold an Associate certified Empowerment Life Coaching certification with accredited counseling, so I can also tend to your mind. I am constantly questioning the meaning of life and natural healing remedies for the human mind, body, and soul.

I currently live and work in Jefferson County, near Orange. It is my passion to serve as an Energy Worker because it allows me the opportunity to connect with souls that are just like you. By recognizing the Magick that surrounds us all, we can empower and manifest incredible and unprecedented aspects into our day-to-day lives by utilizing the incredible gifts given to us by Mother Earth (Gaia). You will learn how it is measurable and how the science behind it can prove its significance in your life. It gives me a great deal of joy!

Since 2017 I’ve been building Universe Junkies LLC where I’ve focused my time on collective consciousness and energy healing modalities. Since starting my business, my biggest accomplishment has been learning how to silence my mind. This has been done by showing others how to live a life of fulfillment, which is better than words could express.

I’m always happy to connect with spiritual and metaphysical professionals. Shoot me a message – I look forward to hearing from you!

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