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Benefits of Fe-SIO 


decrease pain




Health experts estimate that between 60% and 90% of all disease is stress related. Stress is a main contributor to rapid aging.  One of the biggest benefits of this therapy is how it helps in decreasing stress and improving quality of life. 

Assisted stretching while stimulating  five senses allows mental clarity to achieve a more effective deeper stretch.   This directly aids the fesiotherapist to loosen up soft tissues, improve body alignment and positively effect pain sensation caused by tense, knotted muscles. It can also aid after heavy work-out or after a stressful situation that cause undue stresses to the body. 


Reduce muscle &
joint pain

Fesiotherapy relieves joint pain and muscle spasm. It helps promote balance in the  muscular system. Assisted stretching routines also help in injury and pain prevention.

Healthy at any age

ImprovE Quality of Life

Overtime,  achieving body and mind balance improves function andy quality of life.  You can start doing what is important to you.  

Leg Stretch

Increase flexibility & Posture

Improve mobility of joints,  muscle elasticity, and muscle balance leads to postural refinement and injury prevention.  Sit and stand taller.

Image by Max van den Oetelaar

 relaxation & decrease stress

An assisted stretch not only benefits your physical well-being but your mental health as well. Blood and oxygen flow increases improving mental clarity.

Leg Stretch

Improve sports performance

Regular fesiotherapy enhance self awareness and general flexibility.   This  in turn promote improve physical performance in the body and imrpove recovery time.

Woman in Yoga Studio

Improve Focus

Fe-SiO trains your mind to learn to focus of what matters most.  Learning to live for the present and enjoying each experience is an effective way towards a more balance life. 

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