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We regularly update our calendar.  Please do check back often.  

FeSiO Is Supporting SETX Orchid Society

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"HUNTED ASMR " brings your Halloween experience to a new level.  Let your imagination run wild as you listen to spooky sounds, feel hair raising textures, Halloween scents and tastes.  Surely a different experience of Halloween wherein you are visually limited.  You will not be able to see your environment and just purely rely on your other senses as we blindfold you and let you experience a Halloween that you have not experience before. 


We recommend group of 3 or more to do this activity.  $39.99 per person.  By appointment ONLY.  This special experience will run from 10/22/22 to 10/31/22


Wear loose clothing preferable exposing your arms and legs.  You will be barefoot.  You will be wearing blind fold.  And you will have fun. 

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