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Melissa Cornwell, CMTA

Metabolic typing categorizes patients’ metabolisms based on their reactions to certain eating patterns. Consequently, it is a more flexible approach to nutrition. Rather than assigning the same, general recommended daily amounts to each patient, Melissa performs thorough examinations to determine your metabolic type and recommend dieting options accordingly.

Clients usually fall into one of three categories: the protein type, the carbohydrate type, or the mixed type. Each reflects the type of nutrients they can most efficiently break down. By identifying your type, you can improve weight loss by discovering which foods limit your cravings, which foods speed up your metabolism, and what type of diet will best supplement your physical activity.

As a Certified Metabolic Trainer, she can help you become physically fit.  Only 30 minutes a day to change your metabolism.    

Custom diet planning that's just as unique as you are.  Allow me to help you reach your health or weight loss goals.  

Scientifically based method, not a fad diet.  Medical research has proven the efficiency of the immune system is highly dependent upon "proper nutritional balance."

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