AUGUST 15 is National Relaxation Day

by Jomel Bajar, PT,DPT,MS

August 15, unlike Christmas and New Year, is just a regular day to most people, but what these people do not know is that there is something to celebrate on this special day. Believe it or not, August 15 is National Relaxation Day. If you are a workaholic who is used to living a fast paced, highly stressful life, this is your cue to take a break. In fact, every one of us should relax on this day. Rich or poor, Young, and old, we should take time for ourselves on the 15th. Because of our busy lifestyle, relaxation is always at the bottom of our list. But now that there is a holiday for it, we do not have an excuse not to do it!

Everyone understands that life is never not stressful. On top of the pandemic that we are living in, we still have our school, work, and personal life to be mindful of. If we are not on top of these things in our lives, we get anxious and worried. So, to be sure that we have everything under control, we work ourselves to the bone. Plus, not everyone can afford to be lax when they need to fulfill their basic needs. So, sometimes we feel guilty for taking time off for ourselves. Worst, we think that there is so much going on with our lives that taking a break is a waste of time.

Still, no matter where we are in life, we should find time to relax and take a break from our stressful lives. Relaxing, even for a few minutes will not hinder our progress. In fact, we need to relax to be the best at our jobs and relationships. Think of it as part of the process. When we are well-rested, we can have more energy to do our responsibilities.

Relaxation does not only energize us, but it provides a lot of health benefits. According to reports from the Mayo Clinic, relaxation slows heart rate and reduces blood pressure. Being in a state of relaxation, also increases the blood flow in our bodies which gives us more energy. Plus, it also reduces muscle tension in our bodies. When we are relaxed, we also digest our food better. We also absorb nutrients easier which aids in fighting off disease and infection. Relaxation also helps us in our concentration and decision-making abilities and positive thinking. Lastly, relaxation helps us manage our emotions, and prevents us from using unhealthy coping mechanisms like smoking and alcohol.

This is not saying that stress is not good at all. At times, we also need stress to handle difficult tasks in our lives. Like having a certain amount of stress helps us accomplish tasks on time. It also keeps us vigilant and aware of the possible dangers and problems that we may encounter. But being stressed all the time is never good and can be highly damaging to our health. Stress can give us terrible headaches, fatigue, and can affect our sleep. Mentally and emotionally, stress is also not helpful to our bodies. Stress increases levels of cortisol in our body. Plus, stress makes us more irritable, anxious, easily overwhelmed. We can also develop low self-esteem and depression from it. In the long run, it can also increase our chances of developing serious illnesses and diseases.

Although we cannot avoid stress, we can manage it. We may not be in control of what is happening in our lives, but we can take charge. Check our blogs in this website and we have lots of recommendation for positive ways to take charge on claiming a more enjoyable life. We can paint, catch up on sleep, go somewhere nice (after the pandemic), meditation, or even sit back and do nothing to relax. Anything that can release us from our problems and anxieties is a way of managing our stress. Fesio Therapy is what we do to help let go of mental noises and improve flexibility as well as decrease pain. We believe that our mental though processes manifest in our physical functions.

August 15 may be National Relaxation Day, but relaxing should not stop on this day. This day is just a reminder that we should always find the time to give ourselves a break. If machines can overheat when overused, how are we sure that we will not burn out if we are overwork? As I always said, treat your body like a luxury car rather than a rental car. Let’s listen to our body like how we listen to our automobile. We have our regular oil change, regular tire alignment/ re-balancing, regular car wash, regular mileage check-up, and regular filter change. It is important to listen to our bodies and relax whenever our body needs it. Relaxation through healthy ways is a way of showing that we love ourselves. Not only now, but in the future as well. If we want to live a long and happy life, live longer without free from sickness, live with energy and vitality and to live with passion - we should consider finding time for ourselves as a priority. No amount of success and fortune is good if we are sad and unhealthy. Our bodies are our greatest treasure, and it is the only one that we have. To live our best lives, not only for us but our families, relaxation should be a necessity. #livewithpassion

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