Be Thankful

Jianna Bajar, Grade 7 (@ St. Anne Catholic School)

I never really enjoyed surprises. But two years ago, a surprise changed my perspective on life drastically. My family and I were on vacation in the Philippines. It was a lot of fun spending time with my family.

One evening my aunt announced that we were going to special place the following morning. I was very excited, but confused, when my family said it would be a surprise location. That night I went to bed in a bad mood because I was dreading the trip. Surprises were never good, I thought.

My aunts woke everyone up very early the next morning. This made me more moody. After we ate breakfast, we loaded up the cars and headed out. After driving for about an hour and a half, we stopped in front of a popular Filipino fast-food restaurant called Jollibee and ordered lunch. When three employees from behind the counter each carried large bags filled with food to us, I became curious. I looked at my aunts quizzically because I was confused. They thanked the employees politely for the food and we got back on the road.

I remember driving for another hour or so before we reach our destination. When we were pulling into the park, I remember seeing a small and rusty playground and a large worn-out building behind it. The adults all got out and unloaded the food into the building. The whole place looked like an old school. My cousins were carrying a