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Do these things to develop the habit of Wellness by Dr. Luz Dayrit,PT,DPT

As a human pass through life, they learn to adapt to their environment and develop habits. From the stage of crawling up to the last stages of life, people cultivate a repertoire that mirrors their daily life. It isn’t a delusional creation but a daily matter that coincides with their actions and mental state. Habits derive from the translation of thoughts to action. Such repetitive implementation of conduct results to shaping a person’s habitual routine. Eating, nose picking, procrastinating, and excessive spending are among the common habits that people develop. In a society where people are given more freedom to initiate their thoughts, people have more options in adapting and choosing a lifestyle. Due to the diversity that the world has reached today, people collectively find themselves confused and astray. The innovation from the world’s brightest minds has brought people’s attention to reasoning and definition. Mental health and physical health are simultaneously leveled and are considered as the essential core of a person. Every action and thought a person have, will have an impact on its entire being. Habits are the foundation of an individual’s wellness. It is the core that makes wellness intact.

Making wellness as a priority helps people unconsciously develop healthy habits. Eating yogurt instead of ice cream or using the stairs instead of the elevator are habits people unconsciously have. Showing courtesy to elders and an optimistic mindset are some good habits people follow. Inputting healthy habits like this will energize the entire body and improve overall function. In scenarios where people are situated on an unfortunate atmosphere, tendencies are attaining good habits can be scarce. Such people may live their lives not contemplating on their ways and incur negativity and toxicity. A toxic and negative atmosphere pushes people to have bad habits. From eating junk food and a nonexistent support group, it will only take some time before a person breaks its own. Wellness isn’t just a promotional slang that Instagram models hashtag on their IG feed. Wellness is basically holistic health that people should seriously attend to.

A person with a good well- being is someone who loves self above materialistic gain. The idea that bad habits do not fade is an excuse for lazy initiation of good habits. Starting small just like choosing the right foods and staying away from toxic people can conquer a depressed mental and physical state. People can make cultivating good habits fun by writing a journal and recording their growth. Wellness shouldn’t have the notion of being hard and boring. The excuse of not having enough monetary means and perceiving healthy food is a flavorless thing must be eradicated. With good intent and a decided heart, taking the road of wellness will be a lifestyle decision that people will encourage and be gratified with.

For people reading this, look at your surroundings and think deeply of yourselves. Life is a precious thing that should be prolonged and protected. Do you feel down and unhappy?

Reevaluate your habits and connect the dots. The happy face and content heart are within you.

Start by greeting the morning with a smile and washing your face with thorough care.

Changes will come like a thief in the night. Don’t be complacent with a sedentary and gloomy life. Wellness will enlighten your darkest nook.

Stay true to yourself and start doing things right.

Good habits lead to wellness. Start today.

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