Falling In Love With Your Life Again

by Jomel Bajar, PT,DPT,MS

Are you one of those who wonders how to fall in love with life again?

There is a lot to think about our life today - our work, our family, our dreams, wishes, fears, and so on. Have you felt that so much of your life is spent wanting to be somewhere else or perhaps wanting to be doing something else? Or maybe you wanting to be with someone else?

It is very common for people to look back at their past and forget to appreciate the good things that is happening to them. People always spend countless hours chasing the future and at the same time looking back to the past, not able to appreciate the present moment.

We forget that “PAUSING” is really a way to appreciate the preciousness of our human life. Being thankful for the moment let us directly experience that feeling and what it means to be alone and genuinely grateful about our life. A simple technique to pause and be thankful for the moment is a specific technique that is highly recommended to enjoy life more. These short pauses in life are the things that we can so easily take for granted when we are caught-up in the busy-ness of our everyday life. It is important to remember that every minute of our lives has the potential to be both happy and healthy, if and only if we c