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How NEW FeSiO uses Mindfulness Techniques to help you Feel Better

The first thing you taste during a FeSiO experience is a blooming jasmine tea.

It’s calming, warming. The scent makes you want to close your eyes and take in the oh-so-wonderful feeling of peace. Your hands grasp the small cup and you instantly want to curl up and relax. You’ll notice a sense of mindfulness, of well-being. You’ll feel better.

And that’s before the experience even begins.

You see, FeSiO’s new approach to helping you heal isn’t one you’ve ever experienced before.

It’s not like a day at the spa, or going to a physical therapy session. It’s not like a doctor visit or a therapist visit. It’s about silencing your mind and working to release tension in a sensory visit while carefully trained professionals guide you through musculoskeletal stretches aimed at your stress points.

The idea behind it came from an approach to mindfulness, which is a hot topic in the world of science right now, with some incredible studies and results coming out such as this one: and other studeis on ideas of well-being such as this one on the effects on stress and anxiety.

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