"How to be Healthy at 80's, like an Okinawan"

by Jomel Bajar,PT,DPT,MS

Globally, an estimated 10 million people died from cancer last year, 18 million people died from cardiovascular disease,  400 million people have diabetes and more than 300 million people have depression with suicide becoming a major killer especially in our young people. 

Okinawa, Japan is considered as one of the 5 places called Blue Zone, where people live the longest and healthiest lives.  As compared to global life expectancy that averages out to 71.4 years, Okinawan women average life expectancy is 87 and men at 81 years old.   They have 80% less cardiovascular disease, 75% less breast and prostate cancer, and 66% less dementia as compared to the world. 

Learning about Okinawans longevity culture, one can notice the abundance of seafood in their diet.  While seafood is an integral part of the Okinawan diet, many of the locals also grow a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.