Mindfulness at Kelly High School

It is Monsignor Kelly High School Parents Awareness Symposium (PAwS). Together with Dr. Belinda George, B.S, M.Ed, Ed.D and Erica Duckworth, M.Ed, LPC-S; the three of us spent time informing and educating our Kelly parents regarding different topics. I, myself was privilege to educate and share my expertise to them about “Fostering Mindfulness".

As we all know, being a parent is a very challenging and a never-ending mission. We all have our own set ways on how we raise our children; however we all have the same goals - health and happiness for all of them. Fortunately, we now have the all knowing google to consult when we need some advice in relating to our children :>). The PAwS night is hoping that we can add an extra layer of information and inspiration to our parents aside from what we usually see and hear on our almighty phone screen. :>)

Are you aware that the latest statistics reports that 76% of middle age adult is reporting mild to moderate form of loneliness. In addition, depression, anxiety, ADHD, and suicide cases are still rampant and in upward trend in American society.