"Smile 20 years from now" by Dr. Jomel Bajar,PT,DPT,MS

Can you see yourself smiling happily like this couple on your retirement age? Would you be able to tell yourself that "I lived the life I want to live and I made a difference" or perhaps something like a regret - "I should have taken care of my health 20 years ago".

In an age where everyone is on the go, thinking about your health seems to be off the priority list. While working your hardest for this month’s bill or for your child’s future schooling expenses, I wonder who thinks about their health anymore? Maybe your bills and expenses are number one on your list, however, consider putting your health on the close second.

There are several ways you can do take care of your health.

Eat right. While fast food may be a quicker choice for the everyday worker, it would be rational for some to choose what is convenient. However, what is easy is not always right. What one could do is prepare ahead; plan your entire week's worth of food on the weekend or consider taking packed lunches to work on a daily basis. With ample preparation and planning, you can control your eating habits.

Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Drink even more when you are sweating or when you are outside on a hot day.

Exercise more. Consider walking to work or taking the stairs, forget the elevator. Well, maybe your car and the elevator are both made for a reason, but may be, we can let go of that comfort to take care of our health if doable. Squeeze in regular exercise in your daily routine, do marching in place while watching your favorite TV show, or perhaps do your squats every commercial break.