Social Media: the Thief of Joy?

by Jianna Bajar

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” This quote, attributed to President Teddy Roosevelt, is applicable to anyone’s life. Recently, my mother has been saying this quote, and it struck a chord within me due to the truth it holds. Essentially, comparison is the thief of joy because if we are to compare ourselves with others, we can find ourselves feeling inferior or superior. Feelings of inferiority or superiority are not feelings that make someone an emotionally healthy human being. Along with this, comparing ourselves gets us nowhere. Somewhere there is always someone better than you and someone worse off.

This quote really means to find content where you are, stop looking at what others are doing, and focus on yourself. With these thoughts in mind, it sounds easy to find content and happiness. Just focus on yourself and be happy with who you are as a person. This is easier said than done, however. There are many factors as to why people look to others and compare themselves with others. It is 2022, and the internet is a huge part of life and culture. Along with the internet comes social media. These apps: #Instagram, #Snapchat, #Twitter, #Facebook, and a whole bunch of others, are designed to help connect people all around the world. Their purpose is to unite and connect. Some effects of social media on our mental health negate these benefits though. It is no secret that the comparison factor of social media can lead to jealousy. There have been studies that have shown that social media use triggers feelings of jealousy. “#FOMO