"Stress and How It Affect Our Body Functions"

by: Jomel Bajar, PT,DPT,MS

Stress is normal. When we go to work, when we are behind on assignments, or when we have bills due, we cannot help but feel STRESSED. The thing is: “stress is not all that bad”. Contrary to popular belief, a good amount of stress can, in fact, be good for us. It can be good for our productivity and it can help us get things done. But just like everything else that is too much, too much stress can be dangerous for our minds and bodies.

The idea that all stress is bad for the body is just one of the misconceptions people have about stress. For one, it is not true that stress is the same for everybody. Everyone lives different lives. So, it is only natural that we also get stressed by different things in life. Also, we have our own ways on how to deal with it. Other people solve it by taking a day-off, while some de-stress by talking to a friend. Second, “minor” symptoms of stress like headaches and indigestion should not be ignored. These “minor” symptoms can be warning symptoms that we are not taking care of ourselves well and that we need rest. If we do not take it seriously, these “minor” symptoms can lead to major symptoms that can lead to serious illnesses. Third, stress does not only affect us emotionally, but it affects us physically as well. Usually when we think of stress, we only think of the emotional effects of it. Like when we talk about it, we always associate it with feeling overwhelmed, in deep trouble, or depressed. But rarely do we talk about how stress gives us back pain, stomach pain and other physical symptoms.