The consensus? Mindfulness techniques WORK to make you feel better ...

But when Dr. Bajar and Dr. Dayrit realized no one was using these mindfulness techniques in the real world, they saw an opportunity to give the public a healing experience that was partially spa, partially therapy, partially gym membership, and holistically wonderful.

Introducing FeSiO: the experience that helps clients incorporate mindfulness techniques through a guided sensory and stretching session.

It sincerely teaches you to let go.

What does that mean, anyway? To “let go”?

Well, one session of FeSiO and you’ll find out. During the calm, dark session of FeSiO, you’ll experience more than that first small cup of blooming tea. You’ll experience pleasant things like soft tissue manipulation, and gently unpleasant things like a slightly prickly seat simultaneously.

What’s happening is a mind-trick. You have to focus somewhere, so what do you choose? You train your mind to let go of the thing that is just gently uncomfortable for the thing that feels oh-so-good.

You breathe.