This is the reason why #stressbaking is popular during the Pandemic

by: Luz Dayrit, PT, DPT

Although more countries around the globe are slowly reopening, the world is still out of the safe zone. In fact, in the US alone, the number of coronavirus cases is now at a million. Unfortunately, this is not stopping a few from leaving their homes, and easing coronavirus restrictions has encouraged more people to stop social distancing completely. The different opinions about the state of the pandemic are adding frustration and anxiety across the world. Fortunately, people of the internet have decided to channel their energies positively. One hobby that everyone is getting into this quarantine season is baking. For the past weeks, people have been posting pictures of the Focaccia bread that they made or the banana bread that they just learned to do, and it has been shared on different social media sites for the world to see. Whether they got inspiration from the Great British Bake Off or out of necessity, baking is helping people cope easier with their pandemic related-stress and anxieties.

Baking does more than satisfy sweet cravings. According to experts, baking has the ability to make problems disappear- at least for a while. Baking may seem like a lot of work, but it can be relaxing. Unlike other hobbies, baking is sequential. It consists of instructions and procedures that need to be done in order. Instead of getting lost in the statistics of the COVID-19 cases, baking directs the attention to the recipe at hand. Baking allows people to be mindful and to be nowhere else than in the comfort of their own kitchen. As baking is very technical, people have no choice but to focus on the precision of their steps and measurements. Measuring one cup of flour or two tabl