This Valentines Day, Choose Happy

by Dr. Luz Dayrit, PT,DPT

For this generation of social media, contemplating about your life and comparing it with others becomes a routine. Nowadays, it is easier to be sad than to be happy. Seeing your friend’s bigger house, your co-worker’s recent engagement, your neighbor’s recent overseas trip, the bouquet of roses your girlfriend received, or your former classmate’s new business venture; all of these could easily turn your mood upside down as you look through your life and see what you lack. Everyone feels that and that’s not just you.

Yes, you are allowed to think about that sadness and you are allowed to question your life. You are allowed to feel it. Sadness is a normal human emotion. However, after being sad, it is to more beneficial for our mental being to always chose and prefer to be happy. Give yourself a time limit for that sorrow – possibly an hour after watching an episode of your favorite series, or perhaps an entire afternoon after finishing a book, or maybe an overnight sentimental moment after an 8-hour sleep. The key is giving yourself a duration of time to feel sad.

You can think about the sadness. You can feel lonely. Sadness is a normal human emotion. However, after allowing yourself to feel it – choose to be happy.