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Why do we need to take a COLD Shower?

by: Jomel Bajar, PT,DPT,MS

Taking a shower means something different for everybody. By definition, it means to clean oneself. If you just had a long day, it may mean “relaxation” and that the work is done for the day. If you need to start the day early, it may be a “bothersome” and an interruption from sleep. Whatever the case, taking a shower is something that we need. It is a crucial part of our daily routine and personal hygiene. Without it, people would be left sick and dirty.

Majority of people use warm-hot water when they shower because of its soothing and relaxing effect on the body. However science, in fact, shedding the light on us to consider taking COLD shower. Research shows that taking cold showers brings out a lot of benefits and one of those benefits is that it increases your mood and your alertness. The moment the water hits your body, your breathing gets deeper because of the shock from the cold. This shock from the cold makes increases our overall oxygen intake in desire to keep our body warm. Besides keeping your body warm, it also increases your heart, thus, a blood rush through your body that helps you be awake the entire day. Taking cold showers is also said to have mood boosting benefits. The journal Medical Hypothesis claims that taking cold showers activates the sympathetic nervous system and decreases depressive symptoms by increasing the availability of neurotransmitters like norepinephrine and endorphins.

One surprising benefit of taking cold showers is that it helps burn fats. Taking a cold shower activates your brown fats (Brown Adipose Tissue) which burns calories in your body to keep you warm. Research from Scandinavia has found out that being exposed to cold increases metabolic rates which in turn helps lose weight. The body needs to work harder to stabilize temperature levels. In addition, it also activates our immune system which releases white blood cells to prevent sickness. A study from the journal PLoS One has found out that people who shower with cold water are 29% less likely to call in sick for work. The same study also found out that people who are sick feel less severe after taking a cold shower and that cold water activates the body’s immune system regardless of how long you take a shower.

If you enjoy doing sports activities, taking a cold shower after sweating it out might actually be blissful for you, it can reduce inflammation and relieve heat exertion. A study from the Journal of Athletic Training has found out that cold showers can relieve exertional hypothermia as well. According to a Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research , contrast water therapy, which alternates the use of cold and hot water, and cold water immersion reduces feelings of fatigue and helps improve recovery.

Cold Showers also have positive effects on people who experience depression. Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine conducted a study about this and has found out that the cold temperature of water sends electric impulses to the brain, which eases symptoms of depression.

Although taking cold showers won’t cure depression and other illnesses, taking cold showers does make a difference in the lives of people more than they realize. If it wasn’t effective, it would not have stood the test of time. Unknown to the knowledge of many, cold water therapies have been used for centuries. Nowadays, cold water therapies have been enhanced through different technologies and techniques. Old or new techniques, high-technological cold water therapies versus the cold water from your own shower, gives us the invigoration and an enhanced well-being.

One thing that this article hopes people will realize is that looking good and feeling good does not always come from staying in your comfort zone. Sometimes, you have to venture and try the benefits of taking a cold shower in order for you to reap the benefits that you want. With this said, the next time you get ready for work, remember the benefits of a cold shower. As uncomfortable it may be the first few tries, it may provide some answers to some of our physical and mental health questions. Afterall, if you have not tried it for a long time, trying it again is worth the adventure! #Fesiowellnessliving #fesio

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