Why Stretching is so Important for Your Body by: Dr. Luz Dayrit, PT, DPT

It’s early morning, you’re in your bed still, waking up. You were sound asleep, so hard asleep that you didn’t even change positions throughout the night.

You point your toes, your arms reach upward, you yawn, breathing deep into your belly as you curl your back gently backwards on the cool sheets. A stretch.

In many ways, stretching is natural. You see it in infants, reaching their little fisted hands over their heads. You see it in dogs (hey there, downward dog!). You even see it in birds like chickens! They wake up, fluff their feathers, and push their necks forward in a salute to the morning.

You could say that stretching is instinctual, so it must have some importance, right?

Science would agree. This article by Harvard Health shows us why stretching is so very important, implying that sitting at your desk all day makes muscles sore and tight. As does stress, where you hold tension in your shoulders preventing natural, normal movement.

Fe-SiO, founded by a dynamic physical therapist team, knows the importance of stretching, and chose to make it a founding point (along with mindfulness) of the practice.

The goal is to hack your physical hard drive- both mentally and physically--so that you walk out feeling exactly