"You need to be a Seventh Day Adventist to Live Longer"

by Jomel Bajar, PT,DPT,MS

We now knew that Okinawa, Japan as one of the 5 blue zone where people are living healthier and longer as compared to the rest of the world. Let us find out how Loma Linda as the only city in the United States of America that is included in the 5 Blue Zones in the world.

It is a fact that Loma Linda has an extremely high population of Seventh Day Adventist, which is more than a third of its population. Is this the reason why ? Statistics shows that people in Loma Linda, lives an extra decade of healthy, active, and productive lives as compared to the rest of the Americans with an average lifespan of 79 years of age.

Seventh Day Adventists believe in a Sabbath day of rest starting Friday sundown to Saturday sundown. During that time, they are focused to release their worries of the week, to relax, to