Science Behind Stretching

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Stretching  is designed to relax and renew your your body's physical function. Your Fesiotherapist is trained to perform prescribed movements.  Regular assisted stretching increases flexibility, relaxation, improve neck/back pain to achieve better performance and optimum health.  

Fe-SiO, founded by a dynamic physical therapist team, knows the importance of stretching and sensory activation.  They  chose to make it the founding science of the technique.

 The goal is to hack your physical hard drive; both mentally and physically, in order for you to feel rejuvenated after every session. 

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A unique therapeutic approach that will improve your bodily functions
by activating your five senses along with joint and muscle movement.  

It's a treatment technique to celebrate who you are at the same time  enhance your feeling of peace, and balance. 


Moving your body and activating your senses changes your perception and being.