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Tiffany Maloney
Psychic Medium, Tarot Consultant, Reiki Practitioner, Energy Healer

Tiffany is a 20+ year professional in the healing and restorative arts. Having had ‘extra’ senses since childhood, through teaching yoga and meditation those senses became heightened and Tiffany began to learn and work in the realm of Reiki.


Combined with her other natural gifts as a medium and Spiritual Conduit, Tiffany’s practices for mind-spirit-body wellness include: 

  • Reiki ( energy healing) 

  • Crystal gridding 

  • Spirit Counseling ( my spirit guides speak through me as we discuss any pressing issue you may have blocking your psyche) 

  • Aura reading and balancing 

  • Spirit Mediumship

  • Tarot


You may reach Tiffany via Fe-SiO Therapy Studio or directly through Facebook or Instagram for faster response and booking.

Contact Tiffany: 

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