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Fesio TV segment 2021
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Fesio TV segment 2021

For the past few years, mental health and anxiety disorders is on the rise. Hence, the increase usage and spending on anxiety products especially anti-anxiety medications. There is also the rise of Google searches for anxiety. People wanted to know more about it. More people are open to talk about their innermost feelings, thus, more and more people are now seeking mental health counseling as a sign of strength as compared to older generations. We can observe that even media platforms are joining the bandwagon and has been discussing the prevalence of anxiety in our society. Throughout history, there are different societal changes that perceived to cause increased anxiety in the population. This happens whenever the gap of rich and poor is increasing in a society. The invention of television thought that it would cut human interactions. Big and sudden changes in the society have always meant new triggers that is something unique to humans causes increase in anxiety in the population. Nowadays, we do not use anxiety anymore to survive like our ancestors. We made our life easier by inventing things to make our lives easier and in turn, we keep inventing new reasons to be anxious. We put ourselves in situations now that we cannot just “fight of flight”; we must live in this modern time of traffic, working 8-10 hours a day, new gadgets and technologies, thus, every generation is struggled with mixed success to figure out what to do about it.