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Your first fesiotherapy session will have you feeling better than you did prior to your arrival.  Sense of peace, balance and freedom will set in.   

You will meet with a certified fesiotherapist  who will customize an assisted stretching and sensory experience based on questions about your lifestyle.  All you have to do to prepare for a Fe-SiO session is wear comfortable clothing. If you’re coming straight from the office, you can use our private changing area. You can also bring a water bottle to fill at our hydration station.


After a few sessions a month, you’ll feel renewed and rejuvenated. A new you!

One-On-One Stretch

Prepare yourself to have a great time! Your Fesiotherapist will greet you and discuss your current flexibility, any injuries that you may have and walk you through your session.


Fe-SiO session is performed on Fe-SiO treatment area.   Your treatment won’t be painful, but your Fesiotherapist will communicate with you throughout your stretch to gauge your comfort level.


It’s best to wear clothes you feel comfortable moving in. People wear workout clothes, gym shorts, yoga pants, T-shirts, etc. Jeans and slacks tend to restrict your mobility so we suggest not wearing those types of materials.

Individualize and


A comprehensive assessment including a full body screen and medical history questionnaire.  Members have an access to a concierge Doctor of Physical Therapy.  

The soft tissue assessment and palpation skills of fesiotherapist flexibility  identifies imbalances and analyzes you based on your age and fitness goals.


Our proven and proprietary Fesiotherapy method  developed to be effective, safe, and rejuvenating.

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